Wie Sie Ihr Sexualleben aufpeppen

In allen Beziehungen ist Sex extrem wichtig. Es macht Ihnen nicht nur körperliche Freude, sondern hilft Ihrer Beziehung auch emotional, weil Sie den taktilen Kontakt bekommen, nach dem sich Ihr Körper und Ihr Geist sehnen. Indem Sie sich auf sexuelle Weise ausdrücken, wird Ihre Beziehung enger, wenn Sie einige wirklich intime Momente mit jemandem verbringen, der Ihnen am Herzen liegt. Für so viele Paare tritt Sex jedoch in den Hintergrund der alltäglichen alltäglichen Dinge im Leben wie Rechnungen, Geld, Arbeit und Hausarbeit. Sie müssen zurückbekommen, was Sie möglicherweise vermisst haben, und Sie können dies tun, indem Sie Ihrem Sexualleben etwas Frisches und Neues hinzufügen.

One of the ways to do this is to play games in the bedroom. This means playing a little strip poker, naked twister, or anything that can really spice up your bedroom. Even a typical checkers game can add excitement if you do it naked and have a bet riding on who wins. For both men and women it gives the foreplay that they need to become sexually aroused. It is fun and flirty and brings a lot of fun to your sex life.

The next thing you can do to spice up your sex life is to add new positions and new locations to your life. After a while you do what is comfortable to you, but by adding new positions and having sex in fresh locations it will add a level of excitement to your sex life that you may not have had. Instead of turning the lights off and heading to the bedroom, try leaving the lights on and having sex on the living room floor when the kids are asleep. Maybe you should try meeting for a quickie in a hotel room near your work during your lunch break. Your sex will suddenly become fast and furious which is very exciting. Buy a book and see what new positions you can find. You may be surprised to know that there are many positions that can easily add some excitement to your humdrum sex life.

Make sure to tell each other your fantasies. Whether or not they come true may remain to be seen, but just talking about it can add a whole new level to your sex life. Communicate what you dream about happening and what your ultimate fantasy may be. If you don’t think you can do it in person, then send them email messages telling them what you want, or text them something sexual during the day at work. It will make coming home a lot more exciting.

Finally, do something out of the ordinary. Instead of just waiting for the end of the week to have sex, make a date in the middle of the week and go out on the town like when you were just starting to date. Make your own special occasion just for sex. It will seem sexy and new and will really heat up your boring sex life. Sex should not be taken for granted, and no matter what you do, keep it fresh and new.